Monday, March 25, 2013

Papersalt Review & Giveaway


We are a division of Revolution, a Seattle marketing and printing company founded in 2003. We specialize in employee training and recognition, building content to inspire and influence people.We are parents. We have spent years building content around families . . . to read more about Papersalt click here
I was super excited to get this in the mail because I was really curious to what these products were about and I really wanted the one that says "Me" Journal. I get to write different thoughts and it starts you out with something like for instance here are a few things that it says on different pages:

I know the writing is fair & you can't really tell what it says but if you go to and click on the images it will show you some pictures and examples of the "Me" Journal just to give you a heads up of what it's about. I personally love it & have been writing in it almost everyday.

The second one I chose was for my sister Danielle it's called Being a Girl. I looked through some of the pages & I absolutely loved some of the sayings in the book. Some are exactly true for what my sister is going through she is in 7th grade and she is just a girl, so the written stuff in there is so true to her being, and I will try and quote my favorite one which was actually in the picture above it says to the left with the white background 
"Your hair is beautiful" If it's straight, you don't need to curl it. If it's curly, you don't need to straighten it. It's yours, unique & beautiful"
I thought that described my sister Danielle to a T. She has beautiful wavy hair and she likes to straighten it all the time. My mom always says give it a break because you can ruin your natural hair by straighten it all the time, so I thought that one note in there was excellent.
Some other sayings I thought were really cool & unique to and related to my sister yet again. I loved reading Being a Girl. It had so many great sayings in there that are really true meaning. I am very happy with my 2 products I chose from Papersalt.

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