Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Salba Chia Review & Giveaway

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You may not be an Aztec warrior, but eating Salba Chia every day may make you feel like one! Way back when – around 3500 BC – these early athletes looked to chia as a super fuel for energy and endurance, and so can you! Why? Because the nutrient dense make-up of chia makes it a mighty way to boost daily nutrition, with thousands of years of use to back up its powerful claims . . . to read more about Salba Chia click here

I was sent a package of Salba Chia Seeds to review with a box of Single Serving Chia seeds. Me & my husband were really anxious to get to try these seeds because I've always heard about Chia Seeds on the Dr. Oz show, so I wanted to try these out and they are really healthy and high in omega 3 and fiber. I have to say they have no flavor if you eat them plain, but I put them in my smoothies, yogurts and even ice cream you can't really tell as long as you get some nutrients in your body. My husband takes the single serve packets with him to work everyday when he's on his lunch break he'll put it on whatever he eats. I even gave some single packets to my mom to try cause she usually makes the kids smoothies, what's even better you could probably put these in some ice pops when you make your own at home. I know I am going a little over board with this but these are wonderful seeds and I love them!

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  1. I love to make chia fresca! chia seeds fruit jucie and water

  2. This sounds like a tasty way to eat omega-3.

    1. It's great. I love it with my smoothies that I make :) my husband eats in plain lol.

  3. Yo - chia seeds are magical, they make overnight oatmeal so much thicker and yummy! What a powerhouse of energy :)