Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simone France Review & Giveaway

Simone France was seventeen years old, living with her parents in Paris just after World War II. Like so many young women then and now, even though she had the most beautiful skin, when she looked in the mirror, all she saw were flaws . . . to read more about Simone France click here

I was sent some products from Simone France to review. In the above picture is what I got The Sandwich: Morning Cleansing, Touch and Glow Evening Cleansing, Blemish Erase Healing Balm.

 I love the blemish erase it smells really good & it leaves my face feeling nice & silky. It heals my blemishes on my face. The only negative thing about the blemish erase is that it's much smaller than the refining scrub & moisture cream. I love the moisture cream though I use it a lot when I apply make up.

 I got a Simone France Soap bar. You use this on your face & body. They sent me Disposable Cleaning Cloths too & I just rub the soap into the cloth & wash my face that way than rinse with warm water & pat dry. Leaves yours face feelings refresh I do this every morning.

 Last but not least I got these 2 bottles of Light Milk & Gentle Toner the light milk helps dissolve surface dirt, oil & make up and it leaves your face feelings soft & smooth. You can also use the clothes with these products too. The gentle toner cleans & tones your pores. I really like this product a lot. I love Simone France products and I am so happy to have experienced them. I would recommend Simone France to my friends & family members even to my readers!

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