Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ZizzyBee Bags Review

At ZizzyBee, we believe children bring fun and whimsy to our lives…along with the need for organization of hundreds of teeny, tiny little toy parts.  
And like most moms, we believe it is important to keep organized while using products for our children that are safe, washable, well designed, and practical. With this in mind, full-time single mom and entrepreneur Lisa Paul Heydet, saw a need and created ZizzyBee bags™  . . . to read more about ZizzyBee Bags click here

I was given some ZizzyBee bags to review. I got a quite a few and I am beyond excited to use them. I have a 5 1/2 year old, so things can get pretty messy & so much toys & loose stuff you always loose pieces to puzzles or a game for instance. I put all his go fishing fishes in one of these zizzybee bags. Wonderful to keep them in. They are also good for storing Pencils & Crayons even glue sticks & scissors. You can even carry snacks on the go for a long car ride you can fit a big snack even a sandwhich in this zizzybee bag :) These bags come a long way and they hold a lot of stuff for a busy mom & a messy child. I will really use these bags when summer time comes around when we go to the beach you can store your beach towel in them even beach toys your sun tan lotion & much more.

Email Lisa at, or call ZizzyBee, LLC at 503-327-3545 for wholesale pricing, to establish an account or for specific questions.

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