Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Stickers Review & Giveaway

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We are the leader in family stickers and stick family artwork. Our family sticker product line was launched many years ago in Boise Idaho with a handful of designs and the ingenuity of offering custom hairdos and figures to make them completely personalized . . . to read more about FamilyStickers click here

I was able to create my own Family Sticker for a review. I was extremely happy because the one I did have on my car well it wasn't as great as this one I now have now in the picture above. You can make your family come alive with your own personal image which is really awesome I think. My husband is a Maintenance Mechanic so I decided to go with that and I was actually happy that they had a set of tools for that specific job which was really cool & funny at the same time, and my husband also has facial hair so I gave him that as well. You can choose what color pants/shirt too. I was having a lot of fun decorating my Family Sticker on their website. On to me now I assembled my hair which is natural curly :) and of course a handbag because I love purses they are my #1 obsession. Now for my son Nicholas he is a 6 yr old boy and he loves baseball, he actually plays baseball now this is his 2nd year of joining Baseball I hope he becomes a professional baseball player :) 

 This is the actual picture I put on my Instagram I got a lot of likes for it which made me happy because I put so much hard work into this Family Sticker and I was choosing from a lot of other stickers because you can choose from so many, so I am really really happy with my creation I made it's awesome!!!!

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  1. So, I saw this post the other day (I forget where), and a family had these in their car - one for Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister, and the dog. Very cute. But the neighbour had decided to play an April fool on them - he added 'Candy' next to Dad, to suggest Dad had a bit on the side. Apparently, they have yet to realise!