Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hammock Pros Review

Nothing says relaxation like a traditional rope hammock. Rope hammocks are available in sizes for single person use,or large enough to be shared by the whole family. 

 I was sent a beautiful Hammock to review. The one above is from the website, but the exact same one I got but in blue with stripes called Bliss Hammock Brazilian Style Hammock.
I picked that one out for my Step Dad we have an apartment so there isn't really anywhere we could put it but I figured when we go over to my parents house in the summer time the kids could go on it and relax, but I mainly got it for my parents who will get more use out of it than we will, so with that being said we cannot wait til the warm weather to use this Hammock and try it out and when it gets warm we can take pictures & I can update you with them :) Also the stand is not included, but I am sure my step dad will find something to hook it up with. In the meantime check out their website and you might fall in love with one :)

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