Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fool A Carnivore Cookbook Review & Giveaway

I love eating healthy foods and I love cooking healthy for my family. We aren't going out to eat as much and learning to buy more things from the grocery store to make better meals, so when I contacted Fool A Carnivore I wanted to review their cookbook by Nancy Olah. It's a cookbook for Vegetarians. Nancy believed that meat eaters enjoy food that looks and tastes like what they are used to eating. Rather than trying to win meat lovers over to unfamiliar dishes. Nancy's book focuses on how to successfully use meat in classic dishes that most carnivores know and love. Dishes like Lasagna, Meat Loaf, Chicken & Chili. Fool a Carnivore includes such helpful product and nutrition information to help cooks like us understand how to successfully use meat/vegetarian products that stand in for meat in her recipes. It's a great recipe book that will help you even if your not really experienced, but to create a delicious meatless meal that will fool the carnivores & your family :)

I haven't made anything from the cookbook yet I was too busy focusing & reading about the author more than creating a recipe, but when I do I will fill you in and take pictures.

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