Tuesday, April 9, 2013

VTech Review

So I recently contacted VTech Phones for a review. I wanted this lovely set above in the picture and it's called 2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting*. I was beyond excited when I had gotten this in the mail. We were using a pretty cheap walmart phone that really stinked, and this was such an upgrade for us because it's so nice and convenient and I love how it comes with 2 phones one for our living room and one in our bedroom.

 Love how it's a decent size and I love ALL the features on the phone it's very easy to use as well it's not difficult at all. I love the answering machine I recorded that on my own, and I love how you can accommodate the voice mail on the handset of the phone that is really cool.

 As you can see above I wanted to play my messages on the phone & you just hit Menu/Select on the menu part which here is a glipse of it here:

Also on the features you can enter your contacts and save them in this vtech phone which is great because it's easy & convenient to contact your friends & family. I put my Mom's Home in our phone and it was great to use I am excellent when it comes to this technology stuff, so I didn't have any trouble which was great. 

I am very happy with the selection I made & I love their VTech Phones they are great & they work so well. I would recommend to all my friends & family you will NOT be disappointed.

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  1. HI Tara! Thank You for visiting the blog and becoming one of my new followers, loved it! I am currently following you on G+ GFC, Pinterest, Twitter and FB since april 4th! Yeayyy...I think I got all the bases covered girl! LOL...Happy to be here! Have a great Day, ! Lizy@http://justdipitinchocolate.blogspot.com/

  2. I see that the phone is called 'connect to cell' so is there a way you can easily forward your cell calls to this phone? Or use you cell# but use this phone when you are home? Instead of having a land line? you have me very interested in this phone, and I am just curious as to how that works.

  3. I so need this phone. We are using a junkie phone that has really poor signal in our brick house LOL Thanks for your review.