Monday, April 8, 2013

Guppi Shoes

The first thing that you need to know about Guppi shoes is that you don’t shop for them, you fish for them, and you don’t buy Guppi shoes, you catch them.  Guppi puts "you" in your sh(you)s. In a few minutes, and a few zips, your Guppi shoes transform to compliment your outfit, reflect your mood, or just to say to the world, “This is who I am.”

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If you are anything like me you'll love shoes because I have a lot of shoes especially trendy unique shoes. I have quite a collection, and I am always wanting to buy more, but my husband says take it easy. I love how Guppi shoes has the idea that you can switch up the whole look of the shoe with just a few zips of a zipper. It's super easy to put together & take apart.

 Guppi shoes come in 5 main parts:
  • Soles (1 pair)
  • Side Panels (1 set = 4 side panels)
  • Tongues (1 set = 2 tongues)
  • Heels (1 set = 2 heels)
  • Laces (1 pair)

One pair becomes thousands of shoes. You won't believe what these shoes can do!

(found on Google images)

These pair of Guppi Shoes are my favorite I love pink and it looks like animal print even better I love the way it's assembled!

Not sure how to use Guppi Shoes well here is a simple instruction video, which is available to watch directly on the Guppi Shoes website, just click here to check it out :)

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