Saturday, April 6, 2013

SunRidge Farms Review

SunRidge Farms™ is a true innovator in organic and natural bulk and packaged nuts & seeds, dried fruit, candies, and snack & trail mixes. Our commitment to natural ingredient development means nutritional products that are free of unhealthy refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial colorings, and preservatives. Within each of our snack categories we offer a wide variety of naturally flavorful ingredients to satisfy every taste . . . to read more about SunRidge Farms click here

I was very happy to get all these goodies in the mail for my review. The products I received were the following:

·       Organic Quinoa Mango Granola
·       Peanut Butter Power Chews
·       Almond Butter & Cranberry Power Chews
·       Organic Mango
·       Thai Curry Cashews
·       Sesame Sticks
·       Wasabi Tamari Almonds
·       Organic Pumpkin Seeds
·       Antioxidant Mix
·       Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
·       Chocolate Coconut Chews

When I received them all in the mail I was very excited to try one that caught my eyes and that was the Thai Curry Cashews oh my goodness they were so good. I don't normally eat cashews but I will start buying these SunRidge Farm ones because I loved the heat and spice it brought too. They were really delicious! My husband ate the Tropical Mango slices and he said that they were really good too. I've tried them too matter of fact I love mango so I really enjoy eating the dry fruit it's very good.

Next we have some organic quinoa coconut granola which was really good I even poured some in a zip-lock bag for my mother because she is a big fan of granola we eat it with our cereal for a little bit more crunch and our yogurt. The Sesame Sticks we put in with our salads they were very delicious too gave it an extra taste plus I love Seasame.

Pumpkin Seeds are the best my family are big on those :) I know it can be a pain in the butt during October season to pick a pumpkin than carving all the seeds out to get pumpkin seeds LOL, but they are good fresh too so we enjoyed them a lot. Big fan of Peanut Butter so we had no problem eating all the Power Chews. Although everyone got to have one and we all enjoyed them and wanted more. I can't wait to go to my local store & pick some more SunRidge Farm products oober delicious :)

Look around their website on SunRidge Farm Products & look at some stuff that you may like to snack on :)

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  1. Those snacks look DELICIOUS! I only wish they had natural snacks like this in Korea. :( Can't wait to eventually go home just for this!