Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maggie Bags Review & Giveaway

The Maggie Bags legacy began with our parent company, Tennessee Webbing Products. Tennessee Webbing has kept millions of yards of narrow fabrics out of landfills since they began operation in 1991.  Our desire to do our part for the environment by finding creative new uses for materials originally made for other purposes has been the Maggie Bags mission since the beginning . . . to read more about Maggie Bags click here

What girl doesn't love Handbags?!? I LOVE handbags I own about 50 of them no lie. I love big handbags to I recently became a fan of Maggie Bags they have great bags and they have wonderful styles also the bag is made out of Seat belts. That is so rare & so awesome and creative at the same time. Who would of thought someone making handbags out of seat belts clever idea. I fell in love! 

So, for my review I chose this lovely Campus Tote to review in Hot Pink. I love the color pink, so I fell in love with this bag. Ever since I got this in the mail I have been wearing it non-stop I love how roomy the tote is. It has 2 pockets inside the purse along with a zipper pouch in the inside as well. Everything fits so nicely and cozy in my Maggie Bag.

Some pictures I took of my Campus Tote. I literally love the seat belt. I wish my seat belt was actually hot pink that would look so cool. I was joking around at my mother's house and my mom has two chihuahua dogs named Rudy & Chip. I wanted to take Chip home for the night but my mom said no, so I put him in my Campus Tote LOL no lie here is a picture it's so cute....

 Of course Chippy didn't know what the heck was going on, but thought I'd snap a picture of this moment :)

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