Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SalonLogics Review

For my review I chose the following two products from SalonLogics they were Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream & Aquage Silkening Shampoo. I had a tough time picking out some items because I didn't know what I wanted & everything looked so great, so I recently wanted to try some Moroccan products so my hair is natural curly and I wanted to try out this cream. When I had took a shower using the shampoo it felt great washing my hair, but I thought the product made my hair a little bit greasy afterwards when I had dried my hair out. I am not sure I usually never really have a problem with shampoos. Maybe the shampoo wasn't right for me.

 The Oil Intense Curl Cream came out actually good in my hair I used it on my damp hair after I got out of the shower and I also used this product twice 1. Put in through my damp hair with my fingers 2. Scrunched it in with my hair than wrapped a towel around it, so you can use this product any way you like I just have certain ways using different stuff. I thought this Moroccan Oil was great though & it was one of my best products!!

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  1. Never heard of this company. I will definitely be checking out some of their products. my daughter has horrible split ends and Id like a treatment to help her.

  2. The Moroccan oil really works. I've seen a lot of improvement.