Sunday, April 28, 2013

SpiceStack Review & Giveaway

I was excited to get my SpiceStack in the mail from YouCopia Products to review. I've always wanted a Spice Rack before but just never had the time to actually buy one & than they had all these different ones to buy, etc, etc. It was a pain, so I was interested in writing YouCopia to try their Spice Stack and I was luckily to get one and me & my husband are really satisfied.

Here is what the SpiceStack looks like out of the box. I thought it seemed a little I don't want to say cheap, but I didn't think it would be plastic because this type of material looks like it could break easily. That is the only negative thing I do not like about this product.

All my spices in the spice stack everything fit perfectly. They came with a sheet of different types of spices but I'm really not that organizable so I didn't really need them.

I like my new SpiceStack and I didn't have much spices but it filled the entire SpiceStack up so I was pretty content about that, and you can even store other things on top of the SpiceStack which is very convenient as well. I enjoyed getting this SpiceStack and very happy with it. I actually have more room in my cabinet to store other things.

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  1. Tara, I’m sorry that you were surprised the SpiceStack was made of plastic. It is actually a very durable ABS plastic that allows us to sell the SpiceStack at an affordable price. Our products have passed many quality assurance tests and we have less than a 1% defective/ return rate across more than 500,000 SpiceStacks sold! YouCopia stands by our products and we are happy to replace any broken or defective parts, any time. We think you’ll find that, with use, the SpiceStack is one of the longest-lasting, hardest-working products in your kitchen.