Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Review

Shortly after the airline lost their luggage, Steven and Phil, two weary businessmen, shop together in the middle of the night for some basic over-night supplies. Already feeling burned, they are both shocked by how expensive the razors on the shelf are – almost $20 for a handle and four cartridges and almost $35 for eight cartridges! $35! For eight razor cartridges! Outraged and feeling doubly-burned, they both agree, this will not stand! . . .  to read more about 800RAZORS click here

For my review I was sent both of these amazing 800RAZORS. The H3O & the H5O to review. I love using men shavers literally because they don't nip at my skin and than I bleed & I hate that, but I used the H3O recently and it glided so easily against my leg it felt utterly smooth too. Plus my husband doesn't really use razors because he has an electric one, so I am always using these. They are great I wish I would of known of these razors a little before hand because I fell in love. Love how they have Vitamin E and Aloe.

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