Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Glitter Manicure Nail Art Set Review

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I was sent this lovely Glitter Manicure Nail Art Set for a review. I was really excited to get this not only I love getting my nails done, but my sisters & her friends love when I do their nails. With that being said we assembled everything out so I could work on my sister Danielle's nails & her friend Megan's & of course my friend Becky we all did this over my parents house.

So, first you start off by washing your hands and dry them.

Step #1 - Apply the black coat on, but I don't know how it says to paint all the nails than put the shimmery stuff on I had to literally do 1 nail at a time because the black coat would dry up so fast, so the picture above the black coat was all dry & I had to go back over & do 1 nail at a time which was a pain in the butt.

Step #2 - Apply the shimmery glitter on each nail than what I did after each nail they gave you a pencil looking flat thing than I pressed the glitter on the nail the first set of nail I did didn't come out so well, so I did my sister's nails after and here were the results on her nails.

This is what I meant when I had to do each nail at a time so it would look pretty & neat like this. My sister picked out the silver glittery & teal which are perfect colors together so pretty.

My friend Becky picked out the silver & purple. We had a lot of fun doing our nails, but it was messy and we got sparkly glitter all over us it was fun (:

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