Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PerfectChop Review & Giveaway

For my review I was sent a PerfectChop. Just in time when I needed one the most because I was making eggplant pizzas for dinner and I recently through my cutting board away because it had scratches in it and scrapes & everything else. It was in bad condition, so I was sent the PerfectChop right in time I was so happy to get started on my new cutting board. What I love about this PerfectChop is that you can flip the top base part over once you have already used it which it gives you a second time of cutting up some vegetables or meat.

So right now on my PerfectChop I have a Eggplant.

It cut very neat & was very sturdy. Although it did leave some scratches on the board the first time I used it, and I didn't quite use anything messy & liquidy first because I wanted to try & test out the actual cutting board itself. I can just imagine how well it would be if I had a nice juicy steak on this, but the eggplant will do for now. It's easy to wash to I had washed it so no worries, but it is dish washer safe!

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  1. This would be perfect for watermelon, fajitas, anything that creates a lot of liquid. I would love to have it to give my husband for Father's Day. I'm working on a grilling basket for him, so this would fit right in.

  2. I'm a new follower... Constance Zimmer!

  3. I cook/food prep a LOT!!! I love ANY gadgets that simplify my routine!