Friday, May 24, 2013

Hagensborg Chocolates Review

Once upon a time…

In a chocolate kingdom located in Vancouver, Canada, the Reigning Princess assisted by her team of princesses in waiting produces and markets the finest European chocolates in all the land. From Snuffly the Truffle Pig to the Kiss Me Frog Prince, only . . . to read more about Hagensborg Chocolates click here

I was sent two delicious chocolate bars from Hagensborg Chocolates. I got Wildboar, Indonesia & Wildboar, Italy. These chocolates have a different percentage of cocoa in them. They sent me two of them one for myself & one for my husband. I love Milk Chocolate & my husband loves Dark Chocolate, so that worked out really well for us both. I have to say we both were craving chocolate one night and we opened these & tried them they were so delicious and what is so cute the chocolate you'll see why here is a picture of my chocolate bar

 When I took it out of the wrapper I was like "what" lol it was really cute how the chocolate bar is assembled with actual bites of the chocolate which I think it really cute, also my chocolate came with truffle salted almonds and it was really good & creamy & delicious all in one bite (:

It was funny because first my husband gave our son a piece of his dark chocolate bar and than I gave him a piece of my milk chocolate bar he said to my husband, "Daddy I like mommies better" LOL so he deffiently didn't like the dark that's my boy (: ha-ha

My husband with his dark chocolate bar.

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