Monday, June 17, 2013

Newman's Own Organics Review & Giveaway

We're here to tell you why organic food makes sense for healthy living, a cleaner and safer environment, and great tasting snacks! There's lots of background on organics, and a chance to let us know how you like what we are doing.

For my review I was sent such great goodies from Newman's Own Organics. What I picked out from their website are the following:

Newman's Own Organics - Prunes
Newman's Own Organics - Honey Wheat Pretzels
Alphabet Cookies - Vanilla
Ginger Snaps
Newman-O's - creme filled Vanilla cookies
Cinnamon Mints
2 chocolate cups dark peanut butter & raspberry

 These cookies were a big hit in my family they were so delicious better than Oreo cookies in my opinion (: I liked the crunchiness & the taste was really good. My son enjoyed them the most he loved them.

My son Nicholas with delicious Newman's Own Organics Cookies O's flavor Vanilla. 

My husband Ed loved the dark chocolate raspberry cups. He froze them in the freezer & ate them that night lol. The peanut butter ones were okay, but I am not a fan of dark chocolate so my husband enjoyed them too.

These Mints are so delicious. I literally left them at my computer desk so every night I was on the computer I could have some. I ate them all in maybe a week.

They were so good they had that extra spice taste, but not to hot it was just a perfect cinnamon sweet taste. I wish I had another box they were so good.

My son Nicholas with his snack zip-lock bag of the Honey Wheat Pretzels he bought some to school for a snack. He liked them a lot & I enjoyed them as well as a little late night snack. They don't have the same taste as a regular pretzel does they actually taste a little bit different that is because they are wheat, so you may have to get used to the taste or just dip some with mustard that is what I do sometimes.

All the snacks I mentioned above you can find them all here

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  1. I would most like to try the Cinnamon Mints. You liked them so much and I really love cinnamon, so I think they would be my favorite, too.

  2. cinnamon mints sound interesting
    Sherry Compton


    I'd most like to try the Newman's Own Organics - Honey Wheat Pretzels