Sunday, June 9, 2013

Roaring Spring Paper Products Review

For my review I was sent a couple sample packs from Roaring Spring Paper Products I will list a few sample pictures from their website & tell you what I got (:

First we have are the Color Me Notebook, my son really likes these & so do I we can color together and have fun. He brought some to his kindergarten class too share with his friends as well.

Next up is the Cross Over Book. I gave this one to my brother for his school he can always use notepads & this for math as well. He will be going into 9th grade.

I got some awesome Genesis Poly Cover Paper Notebook. I love these a lot especially for writing notes for myself, and I also gave some of these to my mother so my brother & sister's could use them for when they go to school in September again (:

You can't go wrong with having a lot of notebooks for school because you'll need them for every subject especially in college too, so Roaring Spring Paper Products have great stuff to offer for school supplies & college.

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