Sunday, June 9, 2013

WAXVAC Ear Cleaner Review

If you are in our family we are constantly getting wax build up in our ears. Especially my husband. I know it's not good to use q-tips, but I use them daily. I can't stand to have wax in my ears let along feel it in my ears, so I came across this company called WaxVac so I was excited when they contacted me back to do a review. I was literally excited!

The WaxVac includes: WaxVac, 8 color silicone tips and cleaning brush.

 WaxVac ear cleaner is the safest and effective way to clean & dry your ears. It's a safe and gentle suction. All you do is attach the WaxVac silicone tip and insert in ear. Cotton swabs push your wax and debris further into your ear, which can damage the ear drums. For me when I use q-tips I only go a little in not very far at all because when I didn't know of WaxVac I had no choice but to use them, but now that I have this all my problems go away. Anyways . . . It gently draws dirt particles and moisture our of your ear. WaxVac is powerful. It uses 2 AA batteries that are not included. You'll deffiently want to try this out for yourself.

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