Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sensory Goods Review

Sensory Goods is a company made just to meet the needs of people affected by developmental disorders. We provide an inventory of product designed to meet autism and sensory integration needs. We carry items like weighted and floor products, sensory swings, oral motors and more . . . to read more about Sensory Goods click here

I was ecstatic to receive this Zebra Print/Pink Weighted Blanket to review on my blog. I love animal print & I love the color pink. I was excited to try this although I did get the 13lbs silly me not knowing that it had Plastic Pellets or Glass Beads inside the blanket I just really loved the way it looked & wanted it so bad (:

This would be perfect for my son although not the same color as mine they have tons of patterns & colors besides the one I reviewed.

Although the benefits with it being heavy it's still really comfy & keeps you warm I know that for a fact because I was cold last night my husband put the air on to 68 last night & I was freezing, and this weighted blanket kept me cozy & warm!

"" The Weighted Blankets are made with fleece and flannel materials unless otherwise specified, this makes sure that they are soft and very comfortable. They are filled with Plastic Pellets or Glass Beads for the weight, should be approximately 10% of the the person using the blankets body weight, and can help someone with special needs in many ways. 

A Weighted Blanket has been known to provide self regulation. That will help keep the person using the blanket calm and organized in a variety of stressful environments. The best part is this looks like your average blanket, so no one will realize it's weighted. This is an essential product for any person with special needs to reduce the over-stimulation of a busy environment. 

The Medium Weighted Blanket measures 42" x 58" and weighs 8lbs - 13lbs.""

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  1. I love my son's weighted blanket! They are awesome!

  2. Cute blanket! New follower from the I Am Eve Blog Hop.