Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bare Fruit Review

Bare fruit snacks

Crunchy. Healthy. Delicious.

Bare Fruit Apple Chips are the perfect snack: great tasting and great for you. Made from Washington State apples (and nothing else) our apple chips are low in calories, fat free, full of fiber, and so good even your kids will love them. Just like eating an apple, only more convenient and even tastier . . .  to read more about bare fruit click here

 I was sent a bag of Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips to review. My family are really big on eating healthy snacks. Once in a blue moon we will nudge on something sweet & good, but I believe it's always good & nice to eat healthy. I love organic foods/snacks. I also love apples & cinnamon, so the mixture together is really yummy & you get that bite of sweetness & goodness. Me & my family tried some of the bare fruit cinnamon apple chips & fell in love. We eat them as a snack while watching a TV show or a late night snack.
  • Grown in Washington state
  • Available in 14 oz (397g) and 2.2 oz (63g) sizes
  • No added sugar
  • No added preservatives
  • No additives
I know this sounds crazy but we recently had some Soy Ice Cream flavored vanilla & we put some of our cinnamon apple chips on top of our ice cream & sprinkled some cinnamon on top it was to die for you should try it..


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