Friday, July 12, 2013

Glass Bottle of our Grade A, Robust, Dark, Pure Maple Syrup Giveaway

Maple Syrup - The Mowhawk Valley Trading Company

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company is giving away one, 16 oz. Glass Bottle of their Grade A, Robust, Dark, Pure Maple Syrup.

Mohawk Valley Trading Company maple syrup is made primarily from sugar maple sap which is preferred for maple syrup production, because it has an average sugar content of two percent. Sap from other maple species is usually lower in sugar content, and about twice as much is needed to produce the same amount of finished syrup. 
Maple syrup and sugar have played an important role in our nation’s history. After the passage of the 1764 Sugar Act, which imposed high tariffs on imported sugar, maple sugar became even more popular. Before he became president, Thomas Jefferson liked the idea that maple sugar could be produced by citizens of the new nation and sever its dependence on sugar grown on plantations in the British Caribbean. And at the end of a visit to Vermont, in a speech he gave in Bennington, Jefferson said, "Attention to our sugar orchards is essentially necessary to secure the independence of our country."
Next to honey, maple syrup is the most popular natural sweetener in North America and its production predates European colonization. Early Native American societies in Canada and the northeastern United States were distilling maple tree sap making maple syrup and sugar before those geographic boundaries existed. Maple sugar is made from the controlled crystallization of maple syrup and takes several forms. There is no written record of the first syrup production but several native legends persist. Many tribes celebrated the short maple sap collection season with specific rituals.
There are two well-known systems maple syrup grading in use today. One system is used in Canada (where 80% of the world’s maple syrup is produced) and another system is used in the United States of America. Both systems are based on color and translucence which relate to the flavor of the syrup. Different grades are produced by the same trees over the length of the season. Vermont produces the majority of maple syrup in America. Other important states in maple production include New York and Maine. 
Vermont has its own grading system; it is very similar to the American grading system but includes a grade below B. Commercial grade syrup is not sold bottled for use. It is used as a flavor additive in other products. Commercial syrup is the darkest syrup produce, only 2-3% fits this label. In Vermont, syrup grading is taken very seriously. Fines of more than $1000 are applied for mislabeling syrup. At this time there are motions in the state of Vermont to make it a felony to market fake maple products as real maple syrup.

16 oz. Glass Bottle of our Grade A, Robust, Dark, Pure Maple Syrup… Value $22.00 including shipping.


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  1. Several years ago we switched to pure maple syrup and it is soooo delicious. This looks wonderful so I'd love to try it.

  2. I'd love to try this syrup because it contains less sugar than most syrups and it taste good. Thanks :)


  3. Real maple syrup is the best stuff ever. And it's not just for pancakes and waffles. You can use it as a natural sweetener for all kinds of stuff.

  4. I would love to try this Grade A, Robust, Dark, Pure Maple Syrup, because it is a brand my family has not tried before. We only use pure maple syrup.