Saturday, July 13, 2013

Premio Review

Premio Real Italian Taste

Premio Foods has been passionate about making fine Italian sausage for decades, and continues the tradition in our family today . . . to read  more about Premio click here

Premio sent me a product to review I got the Premio Hot Italian Sausage. My husband was kind enough to get 3 shots of this product he knows I get a lot of stuff to review while I was out one day he decided to make this for lunch without me knowing anyways my husband loves hot foods & he loves sausage so it was a good combination put together. He just made it by himself but added whatever as I will show you in pictures below!

 My husband Edward told me he cooked in the frying pan all of them together nice of him to save me one, huh! Men! It's okay though because I don't think I would of enjoyed it much as he would of I don't really like hot sausage.

He put pasta sauce over top of the sausage & it looks like he added some shredded cheese on top as well. Looks delicious to me, but man can my husband eat. I guess it's with all men eating a big platter. I always tell him portion size sometimes he gets mad at me and tells me to hush up, oh well. I tried! Overall he liked the hot sausage a lot.

Take a look around Premio website & look at what interesting Recipes they have. The most appealing one that I came across was the Tortellini Soup looks so delicious & yummy.

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