Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tyrrells English Chips Review & Giveaway

My review I got to sample some delicious, unique potato chips called Tyrrells English Chips. I received the following:

These English Chips are very unique & different. I've never had these sorts of flavors on a potato chip except maybe the sea salt & cracked black pepper that isn't new to me & the sea salt & cider vinegar. All the rest are new to me. I first tried the Mature Cheddar & Chives. I'm a big cheese fan when it comes to chips. I just love that flavor, and they were really good not to sharp with the cheese but just right & the chives give off that extra taste they were really delicious. I absolutely loved the others that I was formilar with; with other brands & that was the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, delicious my grand pop is a big fan of that flavor so I gave him some in a bag & he enjoyed them a lot. I love the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper I love to dip them in sour cream (: My husband liked the odd ones that I didn't care for to much & they were the Sweet Chili & Red Pepper along with the Worcestershire & Sundried Tomato!

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  1. I hope they let you do a giveaway. These sound awesome!

  2. Being English, I can vouch these are awesome! We always get the mature cheddar and chives or lightly sea salted - yum!!

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  4. I want to try the Mature Cheddar and Chives because I love cheese in anything especially chips and these chips look so delicious!

    Note I could not find your picture of your animals in this contest.

  5. I'm excited to try the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar. I love potatoes with vinegar, it adds a nice twang!