Friday, August 2, 2013

b-liv Review

For my review I was sent the following for my review:

Off with those Heads

 When I first used these products I was really excited. I love trying new products for my skin especially for my face. I've tend to use some products for my face & I just don't like that after feeling, but with b-liv there isn't that feeling.

No Spots Bye Dots: This product controls oil, unclogs pores, treats acne & fades scars which was a huge plus. I am a picker when it comes to pimples and I have a few scars on my face, so this helped a lot. It also exfoliates the skin & sooths and hydrates the skin. I love the smell too it's so fruity & it's a gel as well. I use this product every morning & night & you only need a dime sized amount.

Glow and Shine: Almost the same benefits as the one I mentioned above but this is a scrub and I cannot say how much I love this product. I love how it applies nice on my face & than leaves it feeling nice and smooth afterwards.

Off with those Heads: I don't really have blackheads, but I do get whiteheads sometimes so this product is really beneficial.

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