Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Road Trip Campaign Invite From Contigo Review & Giveaway

For my review Contigo sent me a $25.00 gift certificate to Shell gas station & some awesome Contigo products. I thought it was so generous for them to send me a gift card to review especially it being gas. We were very happy we could use this gift card on our way to Florida. I drove the first 4 hours at night (which I'll never do again) I hate driving at night & my husband drove the rest of the 9 hours we were in Jacksonville Florida at like 1:30pm which wasn't that bad. We decided to wait & use the gift card for on our way back home just in case we spent a little more than expected while we were visiting our family. Some pictures above of our trips that we went to it was a lot of fun, but hot!

We got to have some Contigo products to take for the ride on our trip. These are very great products & I've always were a fan of Contigo cups. The following ones I got were the following Sheffield Water Bottle in Silver, West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Vacuum Insulated) in Purple & Blue, Grace Water Bottle in Green & Pink.

I love filling these up with ice cold water. My husband loves the West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug because it keeps the product hot & he loves his coffee. Also with these they have certain ways to open them & drink which is really convenient & simple because we don't like leakage of our drinks. Especially if you have kids they tend to knock things over quite a bit.

Everything counts in life, and I was really happy they provided Shell Gift Card so we could spend on gas for our Family Trip. We used this on the way back. I actually drove the first 6 hours which I didn't think I would of done but I did it. I drove during the day much better than at night! When we got to South of the Border we switched & my husband drove we than found a Shell Gas Station on the way home so we stopped take a look at some pictures...

My husband holding the Shell Gift Card.

Overall our vacation was a blast we had so much fun even though the ride seemed so long we drove overall maybe 14 hours we got lost on the way home go figure, but we made out great & my son had a great time that's the only thing that matters was that my son got to see his grand pop in Florida, and we got to spend some time with our family who we haven't seen in a about 2 yrs. We wished we lived in Florida but who knows maybe in a couple of years our wish will come true (: 

Take a look at some more pictures from our Florida Trip!!!

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  1. We didn't go anywhere this year.

    frugalmommieof2 at


    My husband and I went on vacation a few weeks ago to visit our son and granddaughter. We spent our time there visiting, shopping, and swimming :)


  3. No vacation here - death in my husbands family and there were so many expensive issues for him to deal with. Are kids are located here in NJ so I'm happy not traveling with him - It's no vacation what he is dealing with
    But he seriously does not have vacation days to do anything else

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    love those shoes!