Friday, August 16, 2013

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review & Giveaway

For my review I was sent 2 products from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. I received the Deodorant Crystal Roll-On & Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist. The Crystal Deodorant Spray Mist is a liquid version body deodorant.  It's purified water. Doctors recommend it. It's a 24 hour protection and fragrance free. This really works for my husband because at his work he is always sweating especially during the summer time he is a maintenance mechanic man & he is always busy running around & driving from one apartment to the other, etc. Although it doesn't stop your body from producing sweat, so you will still sweat, just without the stink. The Deodorant Crystal Roll is an all natural product. It eliminates odor. It's a great product for my husband it works fine on him and it last up to 14 hours +. It's clear with no nasty stain on your clothes nor no white powder on underarms. It has no scent and it's no harm to aluminum or zinc.

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