Friday, August 16, 2013

Koch Foods Cravers Review

I was sent some coupons from Cravers to purchase & try for my review. I went to my local Shoprite in Marlton and they had only three products in their freezer section, so I decided to get the Oven Cordon Bleu, Oven Chicken Parm & Oven Broccoli & Cheese.

I was really anxious to try Cravers because I love chicken parm, so does my husband. I am more of a chicken fan than I am anything else, so I don't mind eating it always. I just followed the box instructions & literally took it out and made some pasta with it. I love how the inside is nice & hot & delicious. I love how the chicken is on the outside with the breading and their is a yummy filling inside. The picture above is the Chicken Parm Oven Craver. The other night we had the Codon Bleu and that was so delicious I loved the cheese the best my son enjoyed some as well. We haven't tried the Broccoli & Cheese yet but I am sure my family will love it too because so far so good we've liked the two others. I have one coupon left & I am trying to find the Snack Cravers because I want to get my son either the Original Chicken Fries or try the Cheesy Chicken Fries my son loves chicken so he would love them.

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  1. Those look really good. I saw a coupon for them in last Sunday's newspaper, too!