Monday, August 5, 2013

Pambras Review

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I received a Pambras Tummy Liner to review. Some of you must know what this is but have you ever walked for a long period of time especially during the summer time your legs chaffing next to each other which is really annoying and some people get blisters or rashes. Well it's something similar to these products and the advantages.

(from website)

Well this product tends to keep your skin dry and prevent chaffing it's very thin and it's comfortable. I tried this one and it helped a lot. People tend to use this if they have a tummy fold which in that case I do. Make sure when you do use this product that the area is cleansed and dried "for best results". Pambras offers some other products as well if you'd like to check them out as well on their website!

A little bit about Pambras " I was pretty much a stay-at-home mom  taking care of three kids, running my home, and taking an occasional part-time job to supplement the family income. I had always heard how homemakers had far more skills then they gave their selves credit for, such as organizer, banker, seamstress, etc. Now to turn that in to a business was a whole different thing." to read more about Pambras click here

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