Monday, August 5, 2013

Squatchi Review

Remember going into a shoe store and seeing those silver hard shoe sizers for kids/adults. Well I received a Squatchi to review. It's a plastic Bigfoot sizer and it's very handy for mothers and their children. I love that I have my very own because my mother in law is always buying new shoes for my son, and we are always wondering what size he is from telling by his old shoes that don't really fit him anymore and the number size is faded, so this Bigfoot Sizer comes in handy so much for myself. I can measure my son's foot right at home how convenient instead of going to the store & getting a size to big or small. Not very fun always having to go back to the store and returning something it's just a hassle!

My son's foot of course we measured his foot first and the out come was . . .

a size 13!!!!!

I really wish I had this sooner it would of saved me a lot of work LOL, but hey I will deffiently save it for my next baby (:

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