Friday, August 16, 2013

Therafit Shoe Review & Giveaway

 I was sent a pair of Tiffany Silver Sandals from Therafit Shoes. I chose these pair of sandals because I really don't have a lot of white sandals, and I thought these would be perfect for the summer time. These have cute rhinestones on these sandals near the wedge of your feet. I love these sandals also because they have these three comfort adapters in the heel area and all you have to do is take them out by an easy twist. You can't really tell by the picture above so if you go to this link and look at more of the pictures you'll see what I am talking about. It's basically an adjusting your cushioning in the heel the way you want it.

I have some getting used to these sandals cause they were really hard to use at first because I am used to my flats, so I've been wearing them each day little at a time to get used to them. These are great for outings if your at a wedding and tired of wearing your heels just slip these right on and enjoy yourself without your feet being ached or tired.

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  1. There are a lot of bloggers having giveaways for these sandals. If I do not win a pair, I want a pair of the Black Tiffany Sandals for Christmas. You matched your toe polish to the ones you are wearing! Awesome!

  2. I like the Carly in Orange, but my favorite is also the Tiffany in Silver

  3. My favorite is the Carly Brown, but I really like the Sandy Blue, too.