Monday, September 16, 2013

Emzone Products Review

I received a couple of products from Emzone Products to review on my blog. They sent me some Home Care products & Car Care products. I was really hoping to get the Keyboard Air Duster because I always wanted to try that out, but unfortunately I didn't receive one of those, but the products they sent me are really nice & worth every use because my husband was really shocked at how well the Screen Cleaner came out.

First I took a picture of before & after as you can tell in the picture above. The Screen Cleaner comes out like a white foam texture it's really simple & easy. I just sprayed some on the TV, and than started cleaning it back and forth with the Screen Cleaning Clothes, which they give you an extra package of which is great because it works wonders. It comes out nice & clean and it's unbelievable actually. I love how clean the TV screen looks. I used the same product to clean my Computer Screen, and oh my it is spectacular.

 You can really see a difference between the two screens one is filthy & the other is clear.

For this I used the Screen Cleaning Wipes "Anti-Static" they come in little packets in a box which I have a sample above in the picture. I love these they are great for laptops, cell phones, anything really with a small screen my kindle I use it on, but I recently did my husbands galaxy because it was dirty & gross, so the outcome is really clean & shiny. Love these they are handy to for on the go.

The two car products I didn't really use yet. I think I will save them for when it's nice out it's been kinda chilly, and I recently just got a new car, so maybe we will use these products on my husbands car it could use a good cleaning & waxing. Never did a hand job with waxing before so I am looking to see the outcome of it.

Thanks to Emzone Products for providing me with these samples. I really enjoyed every product and more!

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