Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parfiti Review

I received a Galaxy S4 Case to review from Parfiti. They have two different types of Galaxy S4 cases which are Air Shield & Sugary which is the one I received in Purple. I really like how the cases are really bright & shiny and the color is perfect they make sure that their quality phone cases are unique that add color and fun to your daily life through good design. Parfiti represents parfaite and graffiti.

I had gotten this for my mother in law because I didn't know who owned a Galaxy S4 I know my husband has the S3, but he recently told me that his mom had the S4 so I had to review one for her. In the above picture is what it looks like on her phone the back view & side view. It fits perfect and it's a great color. Although it's a plain color I kinda like it simple & plain older people don't really need that extra vibrant color & designs like most teenagers have now a days. They have other colors besides the Purple like Pink, Yellow & Orange. The only negative thing I would dislike about this case if you were to drop it and it'd probably shatter because it's plastic, but other than that it's cute and fashionable with 3 other great solid colors. To read more about Parfiti, click here

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