Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finders Key Purse Review & Giveaway

 I picked out a Striped Flip Flops from Finders Key Purse to review. I chose the flip flops because I love the summer time & you can always catch me wearing flip flops.

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Finders Key Purse allowed it to hang over your purse so you won't loose your keys or by that extra time looking in your purse for your keys. I have two sets of keys one for my car & the other for my apartment, but now that I got one of these awesome products I put both of them together so it's less hassle & stress trying to look for your keys, and I have a big bag so therefore I am constantly looking for them & sometimes even loosing them. These are great gift ideas for your friends even family members. I may have to buy some come Christmas time. I am happy I found a solution to finding my keys easier now with Finders Key Purse!

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  1. I would like to have this because my keys always seem to fall to the bottom of my giant purse. It would be nice to not have to dig for them.