Thursday, September 5, 2013

NuNaturals, Inc. Review

NuNaturals sent me a few products to review on my blog. I was sent some Sweet Health Coconut Sugar, PreSweet Tagatose, NuStevia & LoSweet Pure Extract. I've never heard of PreSweet Tagatose that was a little new to me, but I hear diabetics can use this & it's safe for them to use. There is someone I know who is diabetic and I could give them this which is good because it's my mom mom but than again she doesn't really cook so I could always use it to bake and add it in some cake mix or something like that. I've heard above Coconut Sugar I hear it's really good to use I've used this in my oatmeal & my husband even likes it as well. I gave away the NuStevia I don't really use any sorts of sweeteners. 

The Vanilla Stevia is really good in tea I've put a drop in or two in my tea and my husband uses some in his coffee. I was also sent Clear Stevia, to be honest I haven't even used this yet I don't know what to use it with. I was also sent in a plastic bottle of Clear Stevia. I also got Lo Han Supreme. Overall everything that they sent me has been amazing my favorite would have to be the Coconut Sugar & Vanilla Stevia all the others I have to read more about and how to use or what to put with them. Although they do have some Recipes on their website I will have to check some of them out (:

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