Friday, September 20, 2013

Homeright Review

HomeRight SteamMachine with Wall Paper remover attachment

For my review I was sent the Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer from HomeRight. I was really happy to have received this product because I've heard so much about Steamers how they are great use. Especially for the Oven that my husband has yet to do. I did the bathroom with my steamer & I didn't really get the concept that much as to what it does, but it gets rid of all bacteria which is excellent because I think the most bacteria you get is in the bathroom, so lets take a look at some pictures below:

 You can tell a difference between the two pictures of the before & after. I think it turned out great, and I even took a video but my phone is weird & it tapped it upside down but it's still good. I will attach the YouTube link below:

 It worked really well the Steam part which we attached the cleaning adapter on it was real easy we actually read off the online manual for the steam machine which was very helpful for me & my husband to assemble.

The picture above this one where you see the red switch that was to turn on button, and let the fun begin of steaming your bathroom or whatever room you would decide to steam first. I did the bathroom because it needed a good steaming.

What the Steam Machine looks like. We put the funnel to put water in it be sure not to over flow because it could cause damage to the Steamer. Than when you screwed the lid back on and plug your Steam Machine into an outlet, and press the button and wait for the orange light to light up and that means it's ready to use.

The base of the Steam Machine it actually has storage space to put the extra tools for the steamer, and it makes it very convenient to keep a hold of. I really like my Steamer it's very nice to have because you can even steam your carpet too which is great. I have always wanted to try that, and sometime soon I will get my husband to do that for me.

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