Friday, September 20, 2013

SmartPlanet Review & Giveaway

I received a Deluxe Salad Bowl from SmartPlanet to review on my blog. I am literally in love with this Salad Bowl, not only do I use it for a salad bowl I can use it for other things like I have pictured above in the pictures. I cut up some apples, plums & string cheese & placed it in my bowl, and for the middle part where you would normally put the salad dressing I put peanut butter. I like the idea of it being a salad bowl because you have 3 compartments as to what you can put in your salad such as a meat for protein, and a vegetable along with a fruit as well, so you get all your basics that your looking for & it's really easy to assemble & put it all in your bowl. I didn't have salad on hand that is why I used fruit & cheese.

Check out my video above!

It comes with utensils in the middle part of the deluxe bowl. Although I had a hard time twisting them on the side my husband managed to get them sideways together. They are a little tough.

Four tabs on the lid for my bowl they snap and latch very easily. 

Ready to go and perfect lunch for work or school with the Collapsible Deluxe Salad Bowl.

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