Monday, September 2, 2013

Mignight Velvet Review & Giveaway

For my review I was able to choose something from Midnight Velvet I automatically fell head over heels for this handbag (pictured above) called "Embroidered Tassel Hobo". I was beyond excited when I had gotten it in the mail just in time because I got to take it with me on our vacation to Florida. I love big handbags because it's so roomy for me because I do carry a lot of stuff in my purse. This was just perfect for me.

 The tassels are like pom poms lol I love them they are on each side of my purse, and they make it more fashionable I really enjoy the look.

Two side pockets next to each other for easy & convenient pouches to put stuff in I chose to put my gum & some lip gloss in the other pocket you can use it for whatever really something simple & small.

A zipper pouch on the other side of the handbag.

The whole inside of my handbag. Everything that was in it that day my wallet, water bottle. Me & my mom were on the beach I didn't want my handbag to be that heavy that is why it's not that full to heavy to carry on the boardwalk. I love the design of my handbag I got a lot of compliments on it while I was in Florida from Family members they asked me where I got it and I told them. My cousin my actually buy one.

I know the handbag looks bigger than me lol but this was taken by my son with my cellphone. I love it!!! My other favorite handbag that they had was the Hobo, Animal Patch I absolutely fell in love with that one as well. I love animal print. Midnight Velvet offers quite a lot of stuff not only handbags, but clothes as well and shoes & jewelry all that women love (:

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  1. I love that bag! I hope they have you do a giveaway.

  2. I would have to say either the bali goblets or Christina Aguilera 2-piece Fragrance Coffret.. Both are my favs...

  3. I'd get the Hype Hair Straightening Comb by Conair. Thanks.

  4. I'd get the Color Studs Purse in Orange

    April C.

  5. I would get the Embroidered Kurta top