Tuesday, September 3, 2013

True Chews Review

I was sent a pack True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Chicken Tender Dog Treat from Chewy.com to review. I have to say my moms dogs are VERY picky when it comes to treats, but when I went over & delivered these to the dogs they were ecstatic especially Chipper who is pictured above in the picture he absolutely loved them. He kept wanting more & more & more wherever I put the bag at that is where he would go and he even at one time went into my purse & took out the treats, no lie. It was HILARIOUS! LOL.....

Chippy eating a the Premium Jerky Cuts Chicken Tender Dog Treat. They are 100% natural with high protein. My dog Roxy also loves them too.

They are nice and tender for dogs to chew. They aren't even hard to rip in half because I did rip a piece off so they could share the last one and it was convenient for me. They most really love it because it's made with real chicken and dogs love chicken. I am very pleased to have gotten something that my moms dogs actually enjoy and now my mom can go out & buy these for a snack for them.

Chipper was actually disappointed when there was no more left, such a good picture and so funny. Chip & Roxy loved them a lot. 

Just a short clip of Chip & Roxy eating their True Chews.

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