Friday, September 20, 2013

Organizing Concepts & Designs Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of
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Organizing Concepts & Designs
A native New Yorker, Dina still exudes the high energy associated with the east coast…even after thirty-some years in laid back California. That, coupled with her penchant for creating organization wherever she goes, makes her a natural in this business . . . to read more about Organizing Concepts & Design click here

 I received a Stock-It-Pockets to review from Organizing Concepts & Designs. I am extremely happy I get to review one of these. First off this takes a lot of my back in my walk in closet because I have a lot of shoes, make-up bags, hair accessories  you know name it. I decided not to use it for my bathroom though which I have to get another one for my bathroom though. I have this in my walk in closet though behind my door. I have a lot more room now around my closet area which is great because I hate to feel cluttered. I believe to have one of these in each room to prevent all the clutter & just more organized. Great for people who are in college also and Small Toys for your children. I put all my sandals together and put them in the bottom section since Summer is over. I put some of my make-up bags in the middle, and slippers in the second to last. I still have the top shelf empty but I'm sure will be filled soon. You know what I just thought of I could store my top shelf with goodies that I don't want the hubby or son to find, LOL. Only would I think of that, but this would also be good for a pantry door too and stick different snacks in the pockets especially for school snakes. I like that idea (:

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