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Norm's Farms Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Norm's Farms

Norman Lenhardt had a vision for the world. He wanted to protect and preserve America’s farm lands and to help ensure that we would have enough food to feed the world. When Norm was not advocating for farm preservation, city planning, or wildlife protection, he spent his time on his 170-acre farm . . . to read more about Norm's Farms click here

I was sent 4 products from Norm's Farms to review. I got the following products: 
Elderberry Jam, Elderberry Juice, Elderberry Syrup & Elderberry Jelly. I've never heard of Elderberry before, and it's good because our family loves trying out new brands of jams/jellies. We like to switch up a bit using different products. I don't usually buy jams or jellies but I love jam the best especially on an toasted english muffin w/peanut butter.

I first tried the Elderberry Juice and I thought it was very strong, but it's not typically a juice that you are thinking of it's more like a supplement that you would take. I poured a little bit into a shot glass so you could see the color and texture of it. One shot of elderberry a day delivers plenty of antioxidants you need for your immune system support.

 (from website)

Have not yet tried the Elderberry Syrup. I actually thought this was a pancake/waffle syrup "silly me".  This syrup contains Pure Elderberry Juice and Wild Clover Honey spiced with cloves and cinnamon. Sounds interesting! It helps soothe sore throats, and is a favorite home remedy for the flu. Which is great to know because during the winter me & my son always get sore throats and I will deffiently use this when that time comes around. Serving size is one to two tablespoons several times a day.

My favorite part the Jam & Jelly!!!!

Left picture is the Jelly  - What I thought about the Jelly is that I loved it very much it had the perfect taste to it and was so delicious. Like I said above I love "Jam" the best. They make it with whole fruit & no seeds. If it had seeds in it I'd probably wouldn't like it to much. The taste is sweetened with pure cane sugar and a touch of lemon juice. I did watch Dr. Oz and he did talk about Elderberry Jam as one of his top 5 foods for brain health. I think this is one of my favorite products from Norm's Farms website.

Right picture is the Jam - I didn't really have a connection with the jam so much as I did the Jelly. I'm not sure why it tasted pretty dull to me.

My outcome of the Jelly & Jam. I added some peanut butter for a better tasting I also have to have something with my Jelly for more of a texture taste, and it was yummy!

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