Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pork Chomps Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

I received some goodies from Pork Chomps for my dogs well my moms dogs and my dog. I was surprised at how much stuff I got. All these goodies and our dogs got to try out all this great stuff. Everything that I received you can find here:

At the time my mom was watching her friends dog from work called Lexi. She is a sweet dog, and we thought why not share the goodies with her, so here she is munching on a Stripz which she liked a lot. I know the time we gave her a baked knot and she seemed to like that as well just chewing on it. We had to pull it away from her at one point because her teeth were bleeding probably because of the way she was chewing on it. No worries though she was fine.

Lexi loved the Pig Ear.

Chipper loved the Stripz too. He would want one everytime.

You see chippy in the back there munching on Lexi Pig Ear he liked that as well.

Overall everything was great for them. They enjoyed all their treats from Pork Chomps. Some of the stuff I got they didn't like so much because well they are small dogs. I think bigger dogs like Lexi would enjoy it more than the smaller dogs just my opinion.

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