Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lumnique Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Lumnique Personalized Scented Candles

Lumnique was founded to offer our customers personalized gifts for a more intimate, gift-giving experience. We provide an avenue in which they are able to venture and explore candles with personal consideration and care at the point of their creation. Our goal was to bring new life and meaning to the simple giving and receiving of a scented candle . . . to read more about Lumnique click here

I was really excited to have gotten to review a Lumnique Candle and it was especially created for me (:

 When they had contacted me back asking for the Intention, Color & Fragrance I wanted. I responded with the following: 

 Intention - Christmas
Color - Fire

So, than they got to work and created my candle. I received it in a elegant nice black box, and than inside was my candle and a box of matches and my own card that told me what the specifics were about.

"All elements carefully selected with you in mind
And hand poured in your honor...
As you are the inspiration behind this candle's creation
 Now Lumnique presents this unique gift to you
Originated with careful consideration...
Its genuine meaning now sealed within."

"Your striking candle plays two roles.
Exclusive glass, superior wax burns clean and true,
Yet the personal significance behind this luminosity
Is what sets it apart from all others.
Each facet plays a role.
Each personally selected with a specific intention...
This intention being you." 

My candle was Created for: Christmas

To wish you a Very Merry Christmas and light up the season with 
joy and love.

About my candle Color: Fire 

Representative of excitement; energy; strength; health; vitality; courage; power and willpower; enthusiasm; overcoming obstacles; passion; speed; strength; all elements of love throughout my life.

About my Candle Fragrance: Yuletide Bayberry

A warm, spicy Christmas fragrance that blends fresh evergreen boughs, pine trees, cinnamon sticks, peppermint, hot apple cider, bayberry and wood logs burning in the fireplace.

In Your Honor, With You in Mind,
Light and Enjoy.

So, that is what came with my candle a little pamphlet to go with my gorgeous Christmas Candle. I love every word that was put into the description of my candle. They couldn't of said it any better!

 I love it came with it's on Lumnique box of matches, so perfect & nice.

My own personalized candle from Lumnique. I think everyone should deserve their own candle specifically made for them, or a nice Christmas gift as well and/or birthday gift. This would make the perfect Employee gift too for your Manager or whoever it may be. I am truly happy that Lumnique let me build my own customized candle. They have two standard gift sets a Deluxe Gift Set OR Standard Gift Set, and I actually got the Deluxe Gift Set which is retailed for $30.00 which isn't that bad at all. Given all the stuff you get with it. It's really easy to order too you just follow the simple steps and create your message To: and From: and your all set!

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  1. What a great idea! I would love my very own personalized candle!

  2. What a beautiful candle and a great gift idea. I will have to check them out. Thanks :)