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Candy Adriatico Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Nadi - CandyAdriatico
My name is Nadi and I come from a small country in Central Europe - Slovenia. I live in Ljubljana, which is considered for small but one of the most beautiful and greenest cities in the world. My son Klemen and I are very happy that we can through the blog introduce the world of sweets countries of the Adriatic Sea. In particular, we wish you to present the country of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, which are neighbors, but different among themselves and they known for its amazing candy and desserts.

Like any other subscription box I was sent the Candy Adriatico to review on my blog. This particular box was supposed to be for Valentines Day "February Box", but it came a bit late do to snow storm. I was extremely amazed at how incredible different candy is made in different cultures. To tell you the truth I honestly think this was the best chocolate/candy I have ever tasted in a long time where I am from in the United States all of our candy is super boring sometimes LOL I need an upbeat and fun delicious candy in my life and Candy Adriatico has it.

What I got in my Candy Adriatico Box if you can't really make out what I got because I know the picture isn't that big enough to see save it and zoom in and it'll tell you what everything is and a little description (:

I am going to tell you my husband really loved this kind it was called Dorina - Croatia, it's chocolate with rice puffed inside. It was really light and tasty too. I liked it but not as much as my husband did.

These were actually Mini Rolada - Slovenia, Mini vanilla soft rolls filled the favorite vanilla cream covered with chocolate. These were actually very very tasty better than Twinkies like my husband said they tasted like but no way ever because I do not like Twinkies. These really really light as well tasted really yummy like heaven I liked them a lot so did my husband. I could take a few more of these so the family could try them.

These were called Jadro - Croatia, these were wafers with a combination of milk and chocolate which were amazingly GOOD. I loved these a lot and of course I shared some with my husband and put some aside for later as well. They were tasty & delicious. They would even be good dipped in milk too.

These were good mini chocolate with a nut inside I believe these were called Croatia Zanzibar, chocolate candy with a whole nut. I loved it.

Truly - Italia, Candies with a lot of fruit juice. They contain natural dyes; extracts from paprika and black carrot anthocyanins. Never really heard of any of the extracts in the ingredient. These we good very chewy and yummy. They tasted like a sugary coated gummy that we have here in the U.S. My husband thought they were good too.

 Of course I save the best for last (: This was one of my favorites! This was Loacker - Italy, crunchy milk chocolate cookie bar with wheatgerm crispies, filled with delicious milky cream. Well I know I like Italy candies. When I took a bite of it it was very crunchy and soft and delicious it was heaven!

I can't wait til next February to get a box because I literally liked the same chocolate/candies I got lol, but will want to try different things of course. This is a great way to send out a box for that special someone for their birthday this is actually a great gift to send someone for their birthday and I am planning on sending one next maybe my husband because he likes it so much.

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