Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Parker the Polar Bear by Uggogg & Inny Review

I received this cute plush toy from Uggogg & Inny to review on my blog.  Parker the Polar Bear pacifier holder comes with a BPA free pacifier for your baby with the clip already attached to it so it's easy to clip on instantly. The pacifier clip is strong enough to prevent baby from releasing it themselves yet is easy for you to unclip to remove the pacifier.

See the above picture for easy clip on access for the pacifier. It's so easy to attach on and give to your baby for soothing and comfort.

Parker the Polar Bear is a soft toy animal and it's one of the many designs that they have and they also come in other designs - Charley the Cheetah, Curly the Caterpillar, Lewis the Penguin, Uggogg the Panda, Karrie the Koala, Danni the Dolphin & Buddy the Reindeer. They are all very cute, cuddly companions for your baby. Your baby will fall in love with them as she gets older.

My son was never a pacifier boy so I was blessed with a child that didn't want to suck on one of those, but my friends babies well they were pretty much a sucker for pacifiers, and I would hate when they dropped on the ground and every time we would have to wipe it off or rinse with water to clean it, or another reason it would get lost in the car or in the sofa anywhere you could think of literally. Now we won't have that problem anymore with this product it'll be by the baby/toddler side or in their crib or bouncy seat. It's so much easier to find now and you'll be less stressful.

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