Monday, November 2, 2015

POND'S Cleaning Towelettes #SeeForYourSelf Review

Disclosure: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes".

I was sent a packaged POND'S Cleaning Towelettes to review on my blog thanks to Influenster. When I have make up on I have a bad habit of not cleaning my face properly at night which I should because it can cause wrinkles or just acne and so on, so when I received this product in the mail I was very excited because I love trying out new products especially for make up remover.

I got a travel sized sample to have and when I first tried this product the towelette was very moist which I am not used to so that was very helpful to my standards and I used it on my face from the night before I had a little bit of foundation on and eyeliner and eye-shadow on so it got rid of a lot from my face in the morning. These are really great for removing makeup and cleaning your face as well. The wet towelettes remove even waterproof mascara and this would be good for my sisters because they wear mascara.

When I first used it I had a few blemishes that I kind of stung while using this product but it went away after a minute and then when I was finished wiping my face off it didn't leave any sticky residue to my skin it actually felt nice and smooth. I love that feeling that feels smooth on my face like so refreshed and clean.

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  1. Love that it didn't leave any sticky residue. Some of these have too much lotion and it they feel gross after using instead of your face feeling fresh and clean.