Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#LorealMakeup L'Oréal Voluminous VoxBox Review

"Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

I love getting new make up products and trying everything out especially eyeliner because I haven't found the perfect eyeliner yet that I absolutely just LOVE and can go and get it right then and there. I always have to explore my options which is good and nice to use what glides on so easily for myself and is convenient for me and my lifestyle.

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I had to try the eyeliner out first of course. I love how it glides on easily and you can twist it up more to use when it's used up a bit and I love that feature more then anything because I honestly hate sharpening eyeliners. I get everyone is different but I personally love the twist up eyeliner it's much more easier and you don't mess up the point which I am always concerned about when I do have those eyeliners that need to be sharpened.

I always wear the color black eyeliner my mom says I should wear brown but I never listen to her. I know what I like and I'll wear that color and that color only. I'm a picky person! I did at first put the eyeliner on very thin because I wanted to get a feel of how it glided on when I was using this product and I like it a lot. However when you want a fuller look you will have to press down hard a bit and that is the only negative thing I dislike which isn't that bad.

I tried the Voluminous Primer/Base on second I'm not really used to ever wearing mascara because I rarely have any lashes on my eyelids, seriously, but it's okay because I know I have very short lashes I still use/and/or try out the products I get and wonder what it does. The primer base is lightweight and it instantly creates a blowout effect, building dramatic volume and length on each lash. Now I like how it conditions my lashes. It's a clear coat and this is something I would probably put on instead of mascara.


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