Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bakery On Main Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

It all started in the small bakery of a natural foods market on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut. My customers with Celiac Disease would visit the bakery and tell me about the lack of good tasting gluten free options available to them. Upon learning this, I believed that nobody should have to suffer due to any kind of food allergy or dietary need. From then on, my mission became creating delicious and . . . to read more about Bakery on Main click here

I chose some delicious products from Bakery On Main to review on my blog. Now my recent phone got broken so this is the only picture I have because I brought everything camping with us when we went in July towards the end of the month and I am beyond frustrated and mad because everything was so good and I have nothing to show for it, but I will describe everything best to my knowledge (:

The four things I chose were:

The taste was very good I chose Maple Vanilla because I love that flavor in general who wouldn't it's sweet and savory and very good with vanilla yogurt and blue berries which I had a lot as a snack camping. It's so crunchy and adds that sweetness to it.

15-1027 GranolaBar-PBChoc 
My family and I are big on peanut butter we are a #1 fan and so is my son and my brother chad I think we are mostly in love with peanut butter, so these went really fast when we went camping we literally ate the entire box in 1 1/2 day between snacks and just wanting one to want one because they were delicious and chewy and yummy. It's the best combination!


 As good as this sounded when choosing the product I thought I would love it I honestly didn't like it I guess the coconut through me off guard or the cashew or probably the mix of both not really sure, but I didn't like it, but my mom loved it which is rare she is always trying different products like foods/snacks I receive and this is by far the best one she says she likes it for on the go snacks. She can take it with her to work out at her local gym. I did manage to give everyone else one my step dad, my pop pop, my aunt Cathy and everyone else enjoyed it. I'm picky eater so there may be some foods I love and some that I just don't.

Coconut Cacao Front Website
I did not get to try this yet, but I chose this for my husband because he seems to always get fruity pebbles in the store and that is just all sugar and I want my family to eat healthy, so not sure how he felt on this one, but he loves everything so I wouldn't doubt that he didn't like it. He probably loved it!

Overall everything was delicious and I can't wait to try some more of there products soon!

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  1. Sorry about your broken phone :( I think I'd love the Maple vanilla nut crunch. Sounds very yummy!

  2. The coconut cashew truebar sounds yummy. I love coconut. I hope you replaced your phone. :)

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