Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cascade Ice Water

Sodium Free. Caffeine Free. Gluten Free.
Cascade Ice is available in 4 categories
and 40 great tasting varieties.

There are so MANY flavors to choose from! My favorite so far is the Blueberry Watermelon. My Husband's favorite is the Pomegranate Berry. I was surprised at the refreshing taste these waters have and it is carbonated.  I can definitely tell that these drinks are naturally flavored with the 1% fruit juice in it.  

For only 2 calories this is a great alternative compared to soda. I know that I get tired of drinking the same things over and over again. With all of the different flavors you will not get tired of this beverage.

The kinds I got to try were:
Blueberry Watermelon
Organic Lemon Lime
Black Cherry
Blueberry Pomegranate

Pretty impressive.

Folks, Cascade Ice Water is gooooood.

It's got just the right amount of fizz for those of us who are carbonation lovers. Teeny tiny little bubbles to tickle the taste buds. 

And it's done right. Sometimes seltzers and sparkling waters are too salty or too flat, or too something. But not Cascade Ice. It's really absolutely perfect for people like me who just can't seem to make the official jump to water.

There are 19 flavors of the original Sparkling Waters (including Raspberry Lemonade, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, and Peach Mango); six flavors of 0-calorie Organic Sparkling Water, and (be still, my heart) nine kinds of sparkling cocktail mixers (Cosmopolitan, anyone?)!

Where to Buy Cascade Ice Water ~~> click here

Check out some of the Recipes online ~~~> click here

One of my favorite Recipes on there site is:

Orange Mango Cooler

1 cup Orange Mango Cascade Ice 2-calorie water
1 cup Orange Juice (natural, no added sugar)
¼ cup of Diet Tonic Water Cascade Ice Mixer (Diet/Sugar-free)
1 cup Ice

Mix together in a tall glass with ice, and garnish with orange slices 


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I received the product mentioned above free for the purpose of this review

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